Last week I was a part of an exhibition showing themed on Weightlessness. It was a free interpretation, impromptu event. I went through a series of possibilities and ended up going with an idea centered around silver lining. As an optimistic term, silver lining means that you recognize the past and present, the good, bad, lovely and the ugly. Aside from all the shit that may be going on, it’s important to remember that there is (hopefully) silver lining somewhere in the bigger picture – even if that means waiting to realize it. Finding that is bliss and hence, reminded me of the feeling of weightlessness. A moment where time kind of stops and at the same time seems to be going at warp speed. So, I have a thing for collecting little things that serve as a sort of memory to a specific moment or time in my life experience. They gave a similar purpose to photographs, letting the mind escape back to a moment in time. I decided to gather up some of this stuff and fix them together as a way of showing a sort of visual narrative, a window to past memories and experiences. The superficial features of the piece were swept away in silver and given a visual clean slate. I haven’t gotten images back yet but I will be posting them soon.

During the winter holiday, I went to Paris, France for a month with my roommate and fellow design student. Needless to say we had a blast. We took the first week to kind take everthing in and what not and soon after submerged ourselves into the diverse art culture available to us. The first museum we visited was  La Cinémathèque française. The exhibition going on at the time couldn’t have been more perfect for my first visit. It was called Brune/Blonde and showcased a collection of photography, video, painting, and performance art. It’s main focus was on film along with the actresses involved who rocked their memorable blonde or brunette locks. Red heads were in the picture too of course but no so much in the title (?) I remember walking in and being greeted with a video of a woman running through this subway, quite 70’s styles. This video reoccured throughout the entire exhibtion which was kind of cool. They had everything from andy warhol and vintage elle magazine covers to marina abramovic. I also came across an artist called Camille Henrot who I had never heard of but was very intruiged by one her pieces called “Courage Mon Amour”

So right now I’m working on a couple of collaborative projects. One is design based and the other is mixed-media / photo. My friend drew is the current design compadre for developing a pitch for our class’ senior exhibition show poster. Four things: copy machine, eyeballs, a bit of cheer, and nice typography. My roommate and I are doing the photo-based project while exploring our shared obsession with patterns, texture and fabric. We went to a fabric store the other day then decided to disperse and grab whatever fabric we were drawn to. Afterwards we met back at the cashier and saw amazing similarities between each one- though, mine had a “jess feel” and her’s had a “lil feel”. I love getting the opportunity to make work that gradually develops as a product of multiple brains working together. Even better, I’ve been in undergrad with these kids since Day 1, and as this chapter of life is coming to an end, every day is presh. Each of my compadres and I have overlapping styles, but bring subtle differences to the table. Working in groups can be tough sometimes, especially if you get wrapped up in your idea being the best solution. It’s important to go with the flow without letting ideas that you really care about get left unsaid or out at least consideration. I look forward to seeing what we come up with as things come to an end. Keep those eyes peeled for some visual updates.

50 album covers. 50 days. 50 typefaces.

probably one of the projects I was most fond of last semester. Listen to a different album and design a cover only using type by the time its over. 5 a week for 10 weeks. This is the package I made at the end using a template from a borrowed book. I’ll post a shot of the top view on a later date, the file has disappeared.

this is a hypothetical site I just designed for the AIGA’s leadership retreat this summer called engage.

this isn’t at all what the site will actually be but for web media 2 we used the event as a platform for practice in designing for 1 page websites.

type specimen poster for Univers